Wellfield Technologies

Wellfield Technologies

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Wellfield Technologies is an Israel-based private company that provides solutions for blockchain's biggest challenges, supporting global transformations in the move towards a decentralized digital economy. This includes trade, lending, borrowing, seamless liquidity shift between tokenized assets, and other financial services.


Seamless Protocol, A multi-platform, multi-currency system that eradicates the need for intermediary exchanges  and allows for simplified and decentralized cross-blockchain trading.

BTH / ETH DeFi Platform that makes Bitcoin compatible with DeFi utilizing the Ethereum ecosystem to offer truly decentralized Bitcoin financial products.

Developed MoneyClip App, a simplified cryptocurrency wallet that gives open access to the world of DeFi.


Levy Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder of Wellfield Technologies

  • 30 years of experience leading technology-driven banking and payments companies.
  • Strong track record of bringing products & services to market.

Chanan Steinhart Founder of MoneyClip

  • Founder and CEO of disruptive technology companies that have gone from startup to scale.

Marc Lustig, Board Chair

  • Renowned entrepreneur and founder with strong experience in corporate finance.
  • Founder of Origin House & L5 Capital