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TAAT Global Alternatives Inc.

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TAAT Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. is an early-stage life sciences company focused on hemp-based products that have been demonstrated to aid in improving health, quality of life, and overall wellness.

Taat provides a better-for-you alternative to tobacco that tastes and smokes as well as, or better than, traditional cigarettes. Taat Beyond Tobacco™️ cigarettes effectively deliver high yielding CBD & CBG without the “high” and without the scent or taste of cannabis.

Beyond Tobacco™️ cigarettes are made from a proprietary blend of premium hemp that is exceptionally flavored with rich, and naturally occurring, terpenes.

Taat Beyond Tobacco™️ cigarettes contain no tobacco and no nicotine, making them ideal for use as a tobacco replacement or cessation tool.

The Problem

Over 50 Million Americans are addicted to some form of nicotine. In fact, it is the most common addiction in the United States.

While hemp can’t treat nicotine addiction, the act of smoking a cigarette can be replaced with a non-addictive hemp cigarette. It can help satisfy the oral fixation of smoking with zero tobacco, zero nicotine, and less than 0.3% THC* while delivering the better-for-you benefits of CBD with no psychoactive effects.

The Solution

Taat Lifestyle & Wellness is going to disrupt the market.

Taat’s Beyond Tobacco™️ Hemp cigarette is truly the first of its kind. Taat provides a smoking experience that mimics a traditional tobacco cigarette without the harmful effects of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Taat Beyond Tobacco™️ Hemp cigarettes reproduce the burn, the draw, and the flavor of tobacco, providing traditional tobacco cigarette smokers the first ever replacement to help them reduce their tobacco cigarette in-take. Finally, a herbal cigarette option without the tobacco and nicotine that actually tastes like the real thing.