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Rubicon Organics is a Canadian Licensed Producer of super-premium, certified organic and sustainably produced cannabis.

Quality At Scale. Combining handcrafted cultivation quality with the efficiency and scalability of commercial production.

Management. Rubicon pioneered the organic cultivation method for the first certified organic producer in Canada.

Why Organic?
Organic products are safer to consume, more potent and flavourful, and are critical for therapeutic products.

Facility - Delta, BC, Canada

  • Wholly owned 125,000 square foot greenhouse facility on a 20-acre property.

  • Purchased in September 2017 and retrofitted in 2018 specifically for cannabis cultivation and licensing.

  • Entire facility is licensed by Health Canada for cultivation and processing in February 2019.

  • Expected to produce 11,000 kg per year of super-premium, certified organic cannabis.

  • Outdoor production is also being considered on 15 acres of land on the property.


  • Rubicon Organics’ uses organic cultivation techniques developed in house through extensive research and development over the past six years.

  • We have an extensive library of unique and proven genetic starting materials including unique stabilized cultivars.  We are also committed to the development and stabilization of disease-free and pest-resistant cannabis cultivars for future commercial production.

  • Rubicon Organics’ superior cultivation methodology has been demonstrated to provide super-premium cannabis products in Washington, as evidenced by its partnership with iconic California based cannabis brand Cookies in June 2019. Cookies is a top-selling, super-premium brand in California and this partnership provides Rubicon Organics with independent, third-party endorsement of its intellectual property and facilities.

Industry-Low Costs

  • Rubicon Organics aims to achieve cultivation costs of $0.50/gram, an industry low cost particularly for super-premium organic cultivation.

  • The premium prices commanded by organic product means the company should be able to generate higher margins than other non-organic producers.