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Perimeter Medical Imaging AI

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Perimeter's OTIS™ platform is a point-of-care imaging system that provides clinicians with real-time, ultra-high-resolution, sub-surface image volumes 1-2 mm below the surface of an excised tissue specimen. The ability to visualize microscopic tissue structures during a clinical procedure in addition to standard of care tissue assessment for decision making during the procedure has the potential to result in better long-term outcomes for patients and lower costs to the healthcare system. Perimeter's OTIS™ platform is cleared by FDA as an imaging tool in the evaluation of excised human tissue microstructure by providing two-dimensional, cross-sectional, real-time depth visualization, with image review manipulation software for identifying and annotating regions of interest. In addition, Perimeter is developing advanced artificial intelligence/machine learning image assessment tools intended to increase the efficiency of review.


  • FDA cleared, patented specimen imaging system, based on proven Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology and validated by world-class Key Opinion Leaders
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learnings tools in development
  • Exceptional management team, board of directors, and scientific advisory board▪$3.7B total addressable market from high-margin, per-patient consumable
  • Well-capitalized, publicly traded company (TSXV:PINK and FSE:4PC)

Market Opportunity

Perimeter’s technology has the potential to deliver substantial savings for Payers of $856 per patient using the OTIS™ Platform.


  • Build a body of clinical evidence to support commercial launch

    Initiated 20 patient Action Study

    Clinical development of ImgAssistAI (ATLAS AI Project) under CPRIT grant
  • Direct clinical sales efforts

    Market development activities (Q4:20)

    Limited market release (Q1:21)

    Broader commercial launch (Q2:21)
  • Target innovators and early adopters

    Ultrasound heavy surgeons

    Oncoplastic surgeons

    Regular cavity shave surgeons/frozen section