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NexTech AR Solutions (CSE: NTAR) (OTC: NEXCF), based in Toronto, Canada is a rapidly growing leader in the exploding AR industry, estimated to hit $120 billion by 2022, according to Statista. NexTech provides businesses with augmented reality solutions that help drive their bottom line and competitive advantage. Whether for product promotion, increased sales, product training or brand evangelism, NexTech AR is focusing on several key multi-billion-dollar verticals including fashion & apparel, footwear, and luxury goods. Nextech is the first publicly traded “pure-play” AR company and began trading on the CSE on October 31st, 2018.

The Opportunity

NexTech AR Solutions Inc. (CSE: NTAR) (OTC: NEXCF) represents a first-mover opportunity in the augmented reality space with the creation of a transformational patent-pending AR/AI eCommerce solution to help businesses drive greater online growth. We anticipate dramatic growth in our ecommerce, education and entertainment business lines across many market verticals including fashion & apparel, footwear, luxury goods & accessories, and others.

Our ARitize™ eCommerce platform is the first truly cross-solution, browser-based, web-enabled AR eCommerce option in a $2.8 trillion global eCommerce market. This platform is integrated with Shopify, WordPress and Magento and built for scale and mass adoption enabling small and large eCommerce sites to integrate Augmented Reality into the shopping experience with just a simple line of embed code. No developer or special programming skills are needed.

NexTech University launched in June 2019 is an app-based solution that allows companies and educational establishments to leverage all of their existing 2D assets – YouTube videos, PDF documents, PowerPoint decks, images, etc.—and then overlay immersive 3D-AR experiences on top of that content for an interactive training experience that drives productivity.

NexTech Studios creates branded entertainment and immersive 360 experiences that allow users to experience events as if they were "there, without being there."

NexTech 3D/AR-360 Advertising Platform: expected to launch in Q1 2020 the ad platform will be the industry’s first end-to-end solution allowing NexTech to leverage its 3D asset creation into 3D/AR ads.  Research by IDC indicates that global advertising spend in 2019 will be about $725 billion.

CaptureAR is NexTech's revolutionary AR technology which makes 3D augmented reality creation accessible to everyone and for any product. With CaptureAR, you can easily and quickly convert your real-world products into a 3D/AR web format and use the power of AR to drive more online sales.

NexTech has an exclusive license to a portfolio of patents 7,054,831, 7,266,509 and patent-pending applications 15351508, 62457136, 62559487, related to interactive gaming, interactive advertising, and augmented reality (“AR”) technology.