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Innovation is at the heart of what Exro does. Exro’s technology aims to pioneer the way energy is stored, transferred and used by keeping energy flowing at an optimal rate as the world transitions to electrification with electric motors and lithium ion batteries.

Exro is designing and commercializing an intelligent energy management system which aims to utilize artificial intelligence and big data analytics to change the way energy is transferred, used, and stored in lithium ion batteries, electric motors, and generators. By creating a dialogue between motor coil switching, motor controls, and battery management systems, Exro aims to create a system that brings together and integrates several disciplines, to improve efficiency, reliability, safety and maintenance.

Exro has designed and patented its Dynamic Power Management (DPM) system, proprietary software that controls electric motor coils through individual coil switching. Exro’s DPM expands speed/torque capability and improves machine efficiency across a wider operating range.

The introduction of intelligence into energy conversion at the level of individual coils and cells opens up a new realm of benefits and opportunities.

The principles that govern management of individual coils in electric motors and generators also apply to managing individual cells in a lithium ion battery.