Scott Donnell | Founder & CEO, Hapbee

June 25, 2020

What compelled you to begin building Hapbee and what problem is the company focused on solving?

Hapbee is by far the best technology that I've seen to help people feel better throughout the day, reduce stress, and control their emotions.  Nothing else comes close to allowing someone to feel more alert, or relaxed, or focussed, or buzzed, or sleepy at the touch of a button (we have 6 signals today and many more in the labs).  Many wearable tech companies can do one of those feelings well, but not altogether in one seamless experience.  The ulFRE technology that powers Hapbee is one of the most forward-thinking technologies on earth.  This ultra-low frequency tech that we utilize comes from our parent company, Emulate, and it has been developing in the labs for 15 years with over $85M invested.  I have been an investor in that company for over a decade, so I know the technology and the top scientists behind quite well.

Personally, I wanted to build Hapbee because I felt it for myself and I really liked it.  So did 20 of my closest family and friends when they tried it.  But the moment that really hooked me was when my 86-year-old grandma (Joyce) tried it for the first time.  She had a lot of issues related to aging- aches, tension, lots of trouble sleeping- and I gave her the Relax signal, which mimics a mellow buzz and a muscle relaxant.  I didn't tell her what it was.  I just put it on her and said this may help her feel better. Within 15 minutes, she was completely different.  Bouncing around without any soreness or tension, feeling loose, and she was ecstatic.  That night she wore it before bed and slept 11 hours.  The next day my grandpa Barney walked up to me, gave me $100,000 and said, "Scott, whatever you did to grandma needs to happen to as many people as possible. We are old and don't need the money, and this is the best use for it anyways."  I was shocked, and I was hooked.  That's why I'm all in for Hapbee, and I've seen this same story hundreds of times since.

Wearable technology is a huge opportunity. What about the Hapbee technology in particular stands out most to you?

The ability to choose your feelings on demand is novel to many people.  We can offer that with Signals that actually feel really good as well.  Instead of grabbing a midday energy drink, I go for the Alert signal.  Or I do both together and it doubles the power.  I don't need sleep aids when I use the Sleepy signal.  The Happy signal mimics a happy hour drink, which is really nice to play after a long day.  I can survive a 4-hour flight just fine, but when I play the Relax signal and my body melts away, the flight becomes much easier.  I always play the Focus signal before a presentation or conference call.  Every time I watch a movie, I play the Calm signal to help my mind mellow out.  There are countless use cases like that: we help people replace potentially harmful substances with our Signals, or cut back on those substances, or double the feeling by using both together.

Of course it's good to control your mental state with meditation, sleep, intermittent fasting, diet, exercise, prayer and even breath work.  Hapbee is no substitute for those.  We just give you gentle nudges in the right direction when you need them, and we have found that people really need help during their busy day.  We have had so many counselors and psychiatrists come to us asking to partner because they have seen what our tech can do to help regulate emotions and keep people mentally balanced throughout the day.  Everyone gravitates towards 2-3 favorite signals, and no one is the same.

Hapbee has attracted some world class talent. What led to bringing out people like Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof Coffee, into the company? What unique value do partnerships like this bring for Hapbee?

In May 2019, Dave and I met in Seattle to try out the tech.  He had heard about our technology in the biohacking world and had to try it for himself.  I put the very first Alert signal on him, which mimics a few cups of coffee, and within 30 seconds it hit him.  He was racing with excitement and we both immediately saw where this was going.  We partnered up from that day forward and the rest is history.  Dave and Bulletproof have been the perfect partner to help Hapbee gain a reputation in the biohacking world, build an audience for our launch, and connect with the right people to continue to advance the technology.  We are also working on new future signals related to performance, sleep, diet and memory with Dave, Jim Kwik, Upgrade Labs and others.  The details are confidential and I cannot say much more about that at this time, but we will let you know when we are close to launching these.

Hapbee is planning to go public in Canada soon. Why did you decide to go this route?

We didn't plan on this to begin with, and I raised a few million dollars here in the states to get the technology and prototypes developed.  But after we were unable to reach a win-win deal with a few equity groups here in the states (mainly control and dilution), we realized that we needed to keep more control of the future of Hapbee and have more visibility to the public.  One of our board members, Rob Dzisiak, was the President of the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange for many years.  He introduced us to one of the top firms in Canada who gave us a vision to keep control, raise money without significant dilution, and be able to gain massive exposure for Hapbee.  Canadian companies choose to go public early for these reasons, and we saw a great opportunity for Hapbee along this path.  Not only can we gain exposure to a great investment community, but lots of those same people will want to try out a Hapbee product for themselves.  That's a true win-win.

What can potential future shareholders expect to see from Hapbee over the near term?

We are in manufacturing now and ironing out the last few details.  We were able to get over 1500 customers from our soft launch on indiegogo, with less than $20,000 of advertising, which is incredible.  We will be launching our first six signals through our app for our early users, and we hope to add new signals in the app as they finish our testing protocol.  We also have a major partnership with Conscious Partners, who is the major advertising arm behind Oura Ring.  They have done an incredible job of positioning our product, messaging, e-commerce funnels, and dialing in our ad spent to keep the cost per acquisition low.  Once we start our major commercial launch in the fall, we can ramp up marketing to prepare for the holiday season.  Hapbee is the perfect holiday gift so we need to prepare.

What’s one thing you think people currently don’t understand about the potential of wearable technologies?

I think that the pace of innovation is faster than many people realize.  This industry has grown exponentially even since we began our company, and we are learning and adapting new technologies into our product all the time.  Wearable tech is only getting smarter, and smaller, and better at tracking and influencing your body each day.  I can see a future where we are able to track markers throughout your body and give you a Signal playlist on what you might need at any given moment.  Imagine getting a notice to play the Relax signal because your device notices a spike in stress markers in your body?  I think a lot of people would find that very helpful.

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